Attracting foreign direct investment means knowing how to help your global companies grow. 

Aftercare is important when attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) because data demonstrates that the vast majority of new jobs and investment emerge from global companies already located in the community. This is because U.S. subsidiaries of global companies want to feel welcomed and integrated in their communities. They want to grow in regions where state, regional, and local governments are positioned to respond to company needs and concerns. Even more, these global companies often expect aftercare from their investment promotion agencies in their home countries abroad so any absence of such efforts in the United States is noticed. Altogether, aftercare programs are a key ingredient in making a region more competitive in attracting FDI.

This whitepaper provides expert advice from the only coalition exclusively focused on arming state, regional and local EDOs with the resources they need to better compete in the global economy. 

Any comprehensive FDI strategy needs to be built knowing that future inbound investment frequently originates from the very global companies already located in the community. Understanding this point demonstrates the significance of prioritizing effective aftercare as a tactic when pursuing FDI – because through aftercare, U.S. locations strengthen their case for additional investment from global companies.

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