With the support of the Organization for International Investment and its insourcing member companies, the FDI Frontlines Coalition provides state, regional, and local EDOs with the opportunity to enhance their global investment IQ by providing research and business insight while also amplifying their voice on ways America can attract more foreign direct investment

Here are some of the benefits the FDI Frontlines Coalition provides EDOs:

  • Recognition, promotion and support – EDOs are the unsung heroes when it comes to attracting FDI to America. The FDI Frontlines Coalition helps share that story with policymakers and the international business community.
  • Insight from the insourcing business community – Hear directly from site selectors on what really impacts investment decisions and how EDOs can positions themselves to be a resource for the insourcing business community.
  • Direct insourcing access – Connect with leading insourcing employers to collaborate on ways America can increase foreign direct investment.
  • Global Intelligence – Stay informed on how changes in today’s globalized marketplace impact foreign direct investment trends. Use this information and exclusive coalition data to help frame how your EDO can better compete in today’s global marketplace.

Led by the Coalition’s steering committee comprised of EDOs from across the country, FDI Frontlines will adapt and expand to ensure that the opportunities and information made available to members is topical, accurate and focused on helping your EDO better compete in the global race for jobs.

Membership is free, so sign up now!